Internet Marketing Overview

Let’s increase your Brand Online Credit Score. Similar to a FICO Credit score that takes multiple factors to determine your score, the same applies to your Brand. Example, the age of your domain name being indexed in search engines contributes to your page rank. A brand new domain popping up may seem unreliable. Other factors are not just having a website but an active website with updated information about what is going on with your company. Social media accounts that are active also contribute to your page rank. Many social media platforms have advertising capabilities and their own Pixel that can be added to your website to track the progress of your marketing efforts. The Pixel not only helps track progress but it also helps remarket to visitors of your content via the use of cookies. Once the cookie is saved on the users’ device then your brand/ads will follow them across other platforms and websites. The psychological effect of subconsciously acknowledging your brand has been proven to increase the conversion rate of previous interactions with a brand. Our multimedia production team will help increase the effectiveness of your ads.



  • Phase 1: We will start off with a test run to collect crucial data. The data will guide us in the direction to achieve the highest CTR (Click-through Rate). Our Average Cost per Click will be revealed in this stage. The equation is (Cost divided by Clicks = Average Cost per Click).
  • Phase 2: After analyzing the Click to Cost Ratio our focus transitions to Call To Action. Our primary focus at this stage is to prompt an immediate response or to encourage an immediate sale. The goal is to either have a Sale or Lead for potential Sale. With this data, we can reveal the Sales Conversion Rate or Lead Conversion Rate Cost. The equation is (Total Cost in Phase 1 divided by Sales or Leads = Cost per Sale/Lead).
  • Phase 3: For Leads that have not converted to Sales, we will use Remarketing efforts. In most cases, Remarketing is at a lower cost since you have their direct contact information. Also, using Behavioral Retargeting or Remarketing, the cost is usually less on ad platforms since the target audience is not cold. Remarketing is the use of marketing tools to convert those who didn’t convert into customers at the first visit. Remarketing works by placing cookies on your website visitors’ device (s) when they meet your criteria. Their cookie ID is added to your remarketing audience list. The equation is (Total Cost in Phase 1&2 divided by Leads = Cost per Sale).

Your site is designed well but we need to install Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Pixel, Linkedin Ads Pixel, and Google Pixel which will also cover anything Google Ad Related such as YouTube.

Some useful sources:
WHOIS search results for on ( : Your domain is registered in Iceland and it was created 2019-07-02

Schema Markup Validatorfor : This site helps analyze if the coding is satisfactory for SEO purposes Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic – Alexa : This site gives a basic look into SEO Credit Score. The lower the score the higher the rank, and no score means no rank.

semrush analytics overview for : This site gives helps reveal strengths and weaknesses

Single Image Ad:

Single image ads are a Sponsored Content ad format. The ads include one image and appear directly in the LinkedIn feed of members in your campaign’s target audience.

Carousel Image Ad

Carousel image ads are a Sponsored Content ad format that appears in the LinkedIn feed. They feature multiple images that can be scrolled through.

Message Ad

Message ads are a great marketing tool since they allow you to reach peoples’ inboxes without having to procure email lists. There are other benefits of using message ads, including Targeted messaging: You can micro-target prospects by tailoring the ad copy and call-to-action (CTA) based on their profiles.

Conversation Ad: Conversation Ads are an extension of LinkedIn Message Ads (formerly Sponsored InMail), enabling advertisers to interact with prospects in more personal and engaging ways. What makes these ads unique is that they feature a “choose your own path” experience, allowing businesses to create full-funnel campaigns with multiple customized CTAs

Video Ad

Video ads are sponsored company videos that appear in the LinkedIn feed. Video ad campaigns have greater potential to increase brand awareness, brand consideration, and lead generation since they are typically served to a larger, more targeted audience.

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